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Lightwrx goes M2 Ultra

In 2023 I installed the new Mac Studio M2 Ultra version with 192GB of unified memory.

Not only does this provide incredible processing speed but is also a quiet and small tucked away machine. I have Davinci Resolve and Autodesk Flame installed and it is very hard to slow down or crash

I had planned to use my previously purchased Lacie 28TB Raid but like my older one it packed up after just a year of use so it went back and I was refunded. These drives run at around 440 MB/s and are very noisy and tend to overheat.

The solution to the problem was to invest in the new Samsung T9 drives. The T9 has a read/write speeds of up to 2,000MB/s. This drives are tiny and can be hidden away behind the Mac as it has 4 x USBc ports. This is the fastest speed I have ever experienced in an external drive so I have assigned them as editing drives.

I have a partition on the Mac's internal SSD for the more power hungry, VFX and Colour grading sessions, this drive runs at over 8,000MB/s

Overall an amazing system, fast, powerful, compact and pretty

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